Our Persistence Determines our Legacy and our Calling  

Luke 14 23,24 Then one said to him, Lord are there few who are saved? And he said to them, Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able And here is where Our Persistence will Determine Our Legacy, Calling, Salvation .

God calls Us to Strive ,So that we can have a better life with him, We need to give our 101% and the only way we can do that is by being patient in his time ,You may be thinking well how can I be persistent.

Well it’s simple you got to have a daily communication with God, where you genuinely express all your fears, all your hate, all your flaws, all the negative side of you. Where you let him take control off your life so that he may Mold you to the way he wants you to be and fill you with his fruit Love, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control. These 9 principals is the Key to being Persistent in God and you got to maintain your faith no matter what .Yes the world may be falling but Always remember God is my strength and my Savior , you may be going through financial struggle Remember God is the god of gold and silver , A family member maybe separating from God or Does Not serve God at all, Recite always Joshua 24 15 But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord . And make that a prophecy on your house and act on that. Sometimes we get tested by God to be persistent no matter what may be happening keep worshiping keep calling upon him for guidance ,keep believing no matter if you do not see that he is working , cause he is working he never stops working on you but you got to allow him to work and you got to keep yourself persistent .

Everything that happens to us is for a reason , although not everything is to condemn us ,sometimes we condemn ourselves and blame God or the devil and sometimes is the consequence of our actions .


The lord all that he has for us is Love and kindness, That doesn’t mean that our lives are going to be easy no , Is going to be harder  because he’s going to test us a lot because he wants us to be pure of heart and loyal to him no matter what. So that at the end we may sit down next to him , these is not a sprint these is a marathon that’s why we got to persist on what he promised to us ,Even though we don’t see that he’s working , Even when life drops and takes everything to us, Even when the sickness comes in and we don’t find a solution wait be Persistent God is here God will cure you God will provide for you God will fix your family God will lift you up.


In the name of Jesus I proclaim that what you have been reading here will cause something in you that if your just spiritually stuck you will move confident knowing that God called you and Also if your moving and can’t see God’s hand no more Be Persistent on what you’re doing and that your faith may be replenish every day that you will not vanish and that he’s purpose on you will be completed it will start and you will shine all for his honor and glory and always remember that prayers without action are in vain.

God Bless you All.


Kevin Alcover







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Conectados Por La Fe Magazine

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